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 Panora EMS is a Critical Care Transport ambulance service located in the City of Panora. Our department is staffed by volunteer and Paid EMT's, Paramedics and certified drivers. Panora EMS serves the City of Panora, Lake Panorama, Guthrie County Hospital and the surrounding communities of Guthrie County.


Spring has sprung! Remember as you and your family begin those outside activities to be safe! Helmets on those riding bikes, and watch for potholes and heaved sidewalks while running and walking, our harsh winter took a toll on some roads and sidewalks in our service area.

We would like to thank all of the invaluable people that we work with in our service area to provide the best medical care possible for any situation.

Panora Fire DepartmentGuthrie Center Fire Department
Guthrie Center First RespondersYale Fire Department
Yale First RespondersJamaica Fire Department
Jamaica First RespondersBagley Fire Department
Bayard Fire DepartmentBayard First Responders

Also big thanks to our friends from the South for the great mutual aid when
needed: Stuart Rescue