About Panora EMS

 We are a progressively growing EMS department in rural Iowa. We hold the only Critical Care Transport rating in Guthrie County. Our department is staffed by Volunteer and Paid personnel. We provide 911 EMS transport to approximately 310 square miles of Guthrie County, covering: Panora, Lake Panorama, Guthrie Center, Yale, Jamaica, Bagley, and Bayard. We are also the primary ground transport service for Guthrie County Hospital.

 We operate 4 ambulances, 3 of which are equipped at the ALS (Advanced Life Support) level, and 1 equipped as BLS (Basic Life Support.) Our protocols are aggressive and progressive. We have an approximately 3 year old station equipped with 4 ambulance bays, a training room with video in/out capabilities, and full crew living quarters. We responded to 826 calls for service in 2014.